Saturday, 26 February 2011

How can I make my Papercut when I don`t have a good new paper. Tutorial

So, I promised to make one picture in one day, but I have no new paper for this today. What can I do?
Hmmm, I see an old (about 70 years old) Calligraphy album on the shelf - there is one clear sheet in it.

I draw a small sketch of an old shoe and then I will repeat it in a larger size on my old sheet.

I start to cut - it is very hard to make such a delicate cuts in the old thin piece of paper.

Now I take patterns for inspiration. They are from a very old soviet magazine.

 And start to cut these patterns:

The edges of the sheet are ugly enough and I deside to burn them:

Then I open that old calligraphy album on the page with the sample of writing and write one english saying with ink and stylus. It is so hard - to write on this paper. And as a result - my writing looks like this sheet was falling into the water.

And the end is...

Friday, 25 February 2011

Me and my work place. Alphabet

Yesterday I sold one of my listings on Etsy - my Alphabet Sea Stones. Here it is:
And now I have to make the same Alphabet. Yesterday we went to the sea with my family and now I have some new little stones from there. Here you can see the process of my tonight work:

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Wonder Castle and its history

This castle what I sell in my Etsy shop is the idea of my favorite teacher and friend Modris Tenisons.
He kindly showed me how to make this a truly difficult work and allowed to submit it to the world.
What does Wikipedia write about this wonderful person:
"Modris Tenisons (born March 19, 1945 in RigaLatvia) is a mime artist in Lithuania and Latvia. He is especially well-known in Lithuania. He is also a multidisciplinary artist: a theater director, stage designer and theater consultant."

Some years ago I participated in one of his projects and it was amazing time - amazing four months.
Here you can see the interesting abstract film of this project:

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